The Pretty Much All New Octopus Travel!

I’ve just had this brilliant idea of making this website a little bit more useful than it has been over the past years. By giving a whole new look of a travel website, advice and other suggestions on what to do, how to do, and when on your travel around the globe. One of the reasons I love octopuses is that in some ways they remind me of myself. Meaning, that I like to extend my tentacles to all over the world. With so much experience and people always nagging me about writing some interesting stuff. Why not, I thought. And so I experimented with a few posts about my trips to China and it seems like I am getting the hang of it.

Of course, you never know what the future will bring. Except that the name “Octopus Travel” sounds so great, that there must be some positive vibes on their way. I love to go to places where others don’t. Or even if it is a touristic travel destination, I look at things from a new and different perspective. One that always gives me something new and refreshing I haven’t experienced before. If I don’t get this rush of positive energy on my travels, then it’s just not worth it. Having a lot of energy about it all, a blog formation was just one of the most beautiful ideas I have had for a while.

Also I love to speak & learn different languages. I am not afraid to open my mouth which is why I end up in a lot of interesting situations. If you want to do the same, please don’t! Just find your own way, but reading about my trip can be very rewarding in that sector. So please don’t expect some bible of “do this, do that”. Instead, I will show you the ropes and basics of something much coolect.. something that you will experience more and more when you read my articles.

Let’s travel to the land of octopus!

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