The Love for Drum

The artist you see in the picture is totally bonkers. But we can relate with him. Obviously, he has gone mad for his love for drumming. Perhaps he wants to go back to his womb and hear his mothers heart beat. Yes, we too at takonohashi like to go “back to the womb” at times. But not everyday like this guy.

The Love for Drum

In China, such drumming is all around (well, almost). You can go to a lot of places to listening people drumming.. but something is different. It’s not at all like in Africa or something, there are no hippies either. Such as this drum show in Beijing, that simply had our spirits lifted in a way that we could never believe. Millennium Drum as some call it, is a famous Beijing/Jiangzhou flavoured performance. Yet, not many foreigners go there, as mostly just the Chinese really appreciate the act. Which is just crazy, as it is amazing. Fuck the acrobatics, the opera whatever.. get down to some good old Chinese drumming and you will be REBORN.

The show life is something that we constantly get mixed up with. I don’t want to say anything bad, but there is a lot of crap. And this is far from it. While a ticket to Jiangzhou may cost a lot of time and money, Beijing is an easy bet.

We love the drum because it reminds us of the fact that we are living, here and now. Everything has a beat. But having a couple of dozens of highly skilful performers do it in intense style, is again something else. Which we could talk about all night, however going very close to the experience with words is rather difficult. All that is left is our recommendation to go and see the bloody show.

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