More About us

We have decided to name our site “Octopus Travel” because that explains very well our passion in life. Octopus, or in Japanese known as “tako” is one of the most amazing creatures in this world. It changes it form and color to adjust itself to this world. We feel in the same way towards travel, or why we love to travel. The word “hashi” is a play of words, because “take no ashi” means octopus tentacle. However adding the letter ‘h’ to it, gives the meaning of bridge. Another resemblance of what we strongly believe in. Perhaps our main mission on this blog and in the outside world, is to bridge the culture gap. Bring us just a little bit more together will hopefully aid in the human kind to live in a far more harmonious environment. It won’t wait, we have to make it.

Indeed, you guessed correct. We are based in Japan but not limited to it. Always thinking what will be the next trip or strange mission in life. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section and please, never forget us.

Thank you so much for stopping by and see you soon.

Joe Hashi
AKA Octopus Dancer