From Sleep Walking Chaoyang District to Dancing Octopus Theater

The world has become a pretty complex place, where you can make things really easy or really difficult for yourself. It’s really a choice anyone can make. But to make things even more difficult, there are loads of people in this world who make the choice to promote an awareness that this choice does not exist. Once enough people don’t believe that they can do what they want, those who do believe that will have more possibilities to do even crazier things that they want. All with the expense of others. Blinded people they call them. I like to refer to them as sleep walkers.

Anyway, the octopus dancer very much represents this fact in our world. And one of the most difficult places in the world, China was where I had to go to learn all this first hand. Of course you know about it, you can easily reason in your head about it. Also as I am writing about this issue right now, I have no assurance that someone will actually pick up what I am saying in a conscious way. In the end, the experience is what counts. And this article, is just going around the point but not penetrating it. Only the dancing octopus can truly penatrate right into the core of possiblities.

Waking up China Beijing

Some people are even scared of the octopus or the thought of it controlling the show, instead of an old over-programmed mind. It’s just what we are used to, take acrobatics for example. When Chinese train for an acrobatic theatre, they start when they are kids. Someone already has chosen their destiny for them. Training is vigurous, and keeps on going for ever. No wonder, one becomes such an amazing if not supernatural acrobat such as the ones I have seen at the Chaoyang Theater in Beijing. While I have much respect for them and there is much learn from the Chinese. It is also a fact, that these people just as well as the acrobats as the ordinary population are more or less conditioned into a mold that makes them fit into society.

Now I am all about doing stuff properly because that can be a really great learning experience. To push yourself to the limits is something I admire as I watch these highly skillful Beijing acrobats doing their job. In fact, I think these people have more of a good opportunity in coming out of that sleep walking state and realize their true potential.

In the west, people tend to be happy. But what they are so happy about, is what I keep wondering! Looking from the distance you cannot see many people that would live to the fullest. However, when you are up close as in so engaged to what you are doing you no longer notice the real state of things. And the reality is, that everything keeps changing.

Acrobatic Chaoyang Theater Performers

Really I think that this acrobatic metaphor I learned at the Chaoyang Theater is a perfect one, since that’s what happens to 99% of those who have a stable job. The problem with most stable jobs however, is that they don’t have many ups or downs. It is more difficult to imagine a different life, when things seem to being going so smoothly. Yet it could be that one day you are out of your job and on the street, because a company wont really care that much about you. As long as you bring profits, they will be fine. Now the same things is happening at the acrobatic theater however, there are so many ups and downs during the job that people are more woken up. Only thing it requires for the Chinese is a spark, and a small one at that. Then they will become so powerful that no one can stop them.

Of course the Chinese government tries this and hopes that people will continue enjoying the acrobatics, life as usual style. It will be very interesting to see what awakenings the future will bring! While the government is pushing the breaks, the people are changing and evolving. Probably the best thing that is in favor of mass conditioning is the mass of population. The more people you have thinking the same way, the stronger the way of thinking feels. The same way, you feel that it is difficult and you need to settle with a lower standard of life. Then again, if everyone would wake up.. what would happen? That is perhaps, the greatest question of all.

Octopus dancing regards,

Joe Hashi

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