Eating Rice With a Bridge in Your Mouth

This is the hashi to the tako. It’s pretty funny actually. You see Japanese people doing the “oh, wow” moment a lot. For sure as much as you see westerners go “oh, aha”. Which is pretty different. Anyway, obviously a lot of Japanese words sound similar or are even pronounced exactly or marginally differently to each other. This is suprisingly not that confusing, when you understand the context of what someone is talking about. Let’s take the word “kami” for instance. It feels that this word just follows you, because every time you bring it up… someone comes up with a new meaning to it. And I can say it has a lot.

But the point is that making a joke about these things is just not interested. It’s just bad humour. Althought it sometimes cracks me up when westerners in Japan don’t realize that.

Anyhoo, I came up with a (bullshit) theory. Because the word hashi, means bridge and chopsticks. The reason why the word is the same, is because chopsticks act as a bridge between your mouth and your rice bowl. Get it?

Well. I feel like a university professor when I mention this to the Japanese. And that my friends is the “ooohhhh” moment. Just because you thought of something that they couldn’t. But of course, to a westerner that’s just some ridiculous shit. Get it?


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