Almighty Octopus

Some of you may wonder, or have in fact wondered why I like octopuses so much. Why do I don’t eat them when they are absolutely delicious. Well, I do eat them when they are fresh and alive. Just kidding! I just have too much respect for them. So much, that the subject of this blog mainly revolves around octopuses. Not just the animal, but what it represents. At least to me.

You see, these amazing creatures have no way of hiding their emotions except the use of ink. Of course, humans have something similar but the octopus has mastered the feature to the extreme. Making it one of the most beautiful creatures in the world. The skin, will change in form, colour and shape in coloration to the emotions and thoughts it has. Thus observing it’s surface, the one that humans have done best to hide from, you can observe them in depth. If it does not want to show you what it’s thinking, it will make a very clear statement with black ink. So you surely won’t see anything, but you will know that it is trying to hide.

It’s pure and simple. All have this necessity. But humans have evolved to hide from the fact that they are hiding. From themselves and their own emotions. It’s a pity. I am here to correct that and will only talk directly!

Octopus Dancer

Internet, Octopuses and Reseller Hosting

Sometimes the internet feels like one big octopus. Except that it has a few more legs than octopuses themselves. They change color, they are electric, they are used to connect with things. Internet is quite a place to play and roam around, almost free.. just like in water. Yes, I am probably listening to some really nice ambient track right now, and that makes my mind go who-oohsh!

Anyway, I was wondering what you guys think about reseller hosting? Because I am thinking of extending my octopus arms, towards greater heights. And for that project, I need a lot of websites. And running multiple, especially with different IP addresses is not that easy. Especially when you are on a budget like I am.

So I heard from this “web host what” guy, (his name is tim, pssht) that reseller hosting would be the cheapest way. That’s why I wanted to ask your opinion about it as well. I’m not doing any blog network or any of that crap, I just want to create a huge empire of websites that give out information that hopefully will have an impact on the world. Those websites, depending on the way you host them, will be or will not be seen as site hosted on the same host. And I want them to be seen as different, not like there is just one octopus behind all the work. Instead, many octopuses!

So just leave a comment or something my friends if you have any experience with this reseller hosting business. I will mail you all to ask you to check out this post and comment on me. This is an important deception for my future. Normally, I host everything pretty much free! So that tells that I am quite serious, doesn’t it.

Until next time my dear readers and don’t forget to comment!

Octopus greetings,