Travel E-Commerce Idea: Octopus Online Shop

I have this interesting idea, of setting up an online shopping website with the help of WooCommerce, a popular shopping portal for WordPress. And before I even start to explain all this, I want to make one thing clear. I am not some product obsessive person, instead I encourage moderate use of materialism. Especially in travel, you just need that one good object that will be helpful, light, well made among other good qualities that a product can have. Having travelled so much in life, I happen to have a lot of knowledge about a lot of goods that are very good for the purpose. Especially I am an expert in travelling light, so it’s not that I want people to buy things that they don’t need.

Thanks to the internet and a loyal follower of fans, I believe that I could just pull this off. Making an online shop that gives value to those who are truly passionate about travel. Putting more money into one good purchase can save a huge amount in the long run. In the end, this is probably the most important message I want to put out. But other than that, I humbly believe that my recommendations are just awesome and others can benefit from them.

I want the shop to be awesome and since I am already blogging with WordPress, I think its obvious to use the second most awesome CMS known as WooCommerce. But I am not some nerd, so while I might know a lot about travel this is an area that needs a bit of work. That’s why I don’t expect this project to come out anytime really soon. Instead, it’s a work in progress and I need your advice. For practice I have been setting up shop on a different site and the install seems very straight forward. When it comes to configurations and settings however, there is a lot I still don’t understand. Furthermore, a side of me is a bit of perfectionist. Which is why I don’t allow room for behaviour of a software that I don’t like. A good example is permalinks, which are not working as intended. I need full control and no 404 errors either, which is why I wanted to consult you guys if it’s worth to get this WooCommerce permalink plugin that looks fantastic but is a bit expensive. When it comes to selecting a theme, that’s going to take a long time but what’s first important is the functionality. So let me know guys, are permalinks that important and is a plugin the only way out of this problem?

What this site would sell is pretty much anything that is related to moving in different countries, landscapes and conditions. From backpacks to sleeping bags, from raincoats to protective sun ware. There is a huge amount of products to cover and I am still scribbling down the possible categories on a piece of paper. I was surprised even myself how huge the list is. I just honestly believe that sustainable travel good shop does not exist on the internet, which is why this would be a dream come true.

Say no to consumerism and say hello to sustainable travel. The beautiful concept by “Octopus Online”. Get in touch for more ideas!!

Joe H.

The Pretty Much All New Octopus Travel!

I’ve just had this brilliant idea of making this website a little bit more useful than it has been over the past years. By giving a whole new look of a travel website, advice and other suggestions on what to do, how to do, and when on your travel around the globe. One of the reasons I love octopuses is that in some ways they remind me of myself. Meaning, that I like to extend my tentacles to all over the world. With so much experience and people always nagging me about writing some interesting stuff. Why not, I thought. And so I experimented with a few posts about my trips to China and it seems like I am getting the hang of it.

Of course, you never know what the future will bring. Except that the name “Octopus Travel” sounds so great, that there must be some positive vibes on their way. I love to go to places where others don’t. Or even if it is a touristic travel destination, I look at things from a new and different perspective. One that always gives me something new and refreshing I haven’t experienced before. If I don’t get this rush of positive energy on my travels, then it’s just not worth it. Having a lot of energy about it all, a blog formation was just one of the most beautiful ideas I have had for a while.

Also I love to speak & learn different languages. I am not afraid to open my mouth which is why I end up in a lot of interesting situations. If you want to do the same, please don’t! Just find your own way, but reading about my trip can be very rewarding in that sector. So please don’t expect some bible of “do this, do that”. Instead, I will show you the ropes and basics of something much coolect.. something that you will experience more and more when you read my articles.

Let’s travel to the land of octopus!

Octopus Travel in Shanghai! Circus World “ERA” Intersection of Time

This spectacular show at the famous Shanghai Circus World, performed by the Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe, will challenge your perceptions of reality and have you questioning your beliefs. The show combines Chinese traditions with modern technology, to create the first show of its kind in China. Premiered in 2005, this multi-million dollar show has become extremely popular with foreign visitors and locals alike. The Circus World building itself has a distinctive architecture with a splendid golden vault. It can seat an audience of 1638 people.

Shanghai Circus World Acrobatics Show

The story of ERA is about love, but seen through the one dimension mankind has yet to conquer: time. The tale begins with China’s ancient traditions, including martial arts; highlights it’s present achievements; and delves into China’s promising future. This is a story for everyone; the humour and laughter will delight children, and adults will be thoroughly entertained by the logic defying stunts and tricks.

As soon as spectators enter the auditorium, a gigantic mirror cylinder measuring 6 x 11 metres reflects their image back at them. The show begins in the centre of this mirrored cage, and the illusions and wonderment are never ending from the very first moment.

The audience is dazzled by an 8 x 18 metre water curtain, used as a screen to project images of ancient Chinese civilisations, eventually melting into a real gondola- a stage for the performers. The music is the perfect combination between eastern and western music, uniquely created by famous composer Michel Cusson. It is all performed live by a band, showcasing many different Chinese and western instruments.
Highlights include an overview of Chinese porcelain culture, in which the artist throws, kicks and catches porcelain and terracotta jars. The audience holds their breath, but the artist has the jars all safely in one piece at the end. This act has been performed since the far off days of the Han Dynasty (206BC–220AD), and allows the audience a better understanding of the country’s name of ‘China’.

Another act showcases the culture of Sinan, an ancient Chinese invention for telling directions, soothsaying and conjuring. Modern inventions are seen too, including the Shanghai Donghai Cross-Sea Bridge, Maglev Train, and Shenzhou 5, China’s first manned space mission.

There are acrobatics on gigantic wheels, a love story between a man and a woman told on silk ribbons suspended in the air, balancing acts, trampolines and bungee cords. This show has everything you can imagine, and much that you would never have believed possible.

The finale has the audience going crazy, as terracotta soldiers race each other on motorbikes inside a metal globe… things don’t get more remarkable than this!

The show begins every day at 7.30pm, lasting around 2 hours, at Shanghai Circus World, in the Zhabei district. Do remember to check out the official website, recommended.

The motto of ERA is: ‘’miss this and you’ll miss Shanghai’’! So don’t miss out, click below to book your tickets (prices are based on where you are seated- the higher the price, the more amazing the view.)

Hoped you liked our review and see you next time at the new and refreshed, “Octopus Travel”. Best take regards, Joe from Japan.

From Sleep Walking Chaoyang District to Dancing Octopus Theater

The world has become a pretty complex place, where you can make things really easy or really difficult for yourself. It’s really a choice anyone can make. But to make things even more difficult, there are loads of people in this world who make the choice to promote an awareness that this choice does not exist. Once enough people don’t believe that they can do what they want, those who do believe that will have more possibilities to do even crazier things that they want. All with the expense of others. Blinded people they call them. I like to refer to them as sleep walkers.

Anyway, the octopus dancer very much represents this fact in our world. And one of the most difficult places in the world, China was where I had to go to learn all this first hand. Of course you know about it, you can easily reason in your head about it. Also as I am writing about this issue right now, I have no assurance that someone will actually pick up what I am saying in a conscious way. In the end, the experience is what counts. And this article, is just going around the point but not penetrating it. Only the dancing octopus can truly penatrate right into the core of possiblities.

Waking up China Beijing

Some people are even scared of the octopus or the thought of it controlling the show, instead of an old over-programmed mind. It’s just what we are used to, take acrobatics for example. When Chinese train for an acrobatic theatre, they start when they are kids. Someone already has chosen their destiny for them. Training is vigurous, and keeps on going for ever. No wonder, one becomes such an amazing if not supernatural acrobat such as the ones I have seen at the Chaoyang Theater in Beijing. While I have much respect for them and there is much learn from the Chinese. It is also a fact, that these people just as well as the acrobats as the ordinary population are more or less conditioned into a mold that makes them fit into society.

Now I am all about doing stuff properly because that can be a really great learning experience. To push yourself to the limits is something I admire as I watch these highly skillful Beijing acrobats doing their job. In fact, I think these people have more of a good opportunity in coming out of that sleep walking state and realize their true potential.

In the west, people tend to be happy. But what they are so happy about, is what I keep wondering! Looking from the distance you cannot see many people that would live to the fullest. However, when you are up close as in so engaged to what you are doing you no longer notice the real state of things. And the reality is, that everything keeps changing.

Acrobatic Chaoyang Theater Performers

Really I think that this acrobatic metaphor I learned at the Chaoyang Theater is a perfect one, since that’s what happens to 99% of those who have a stable job. The problem with most stable jobs however, is that they don’t have many ups or downs. It is more difficult to imagine a different life, when things seem to being going so smoothly. Yet it could be that one day you are out of your job and on the street, because a company wont really care that much about you. As long as you bring profits, they will be fine. Now the same things is happening at the acrobatic theater however, there are so many ups and downs during the job that people are more woken up. Only thing it requires for the Chinese is a spark, and a small one at that. Then they will become so powerful that no one can stop them.

Of course the Chinese government tries this and hopes that people will continue enjoying the acrobatics, life as usual style. It will be very interesting to see what awakenings the future will bring! While the government is pushing the breaks, the people are changing and evolving. Probably the best thing that is in favor of mass conditioning is the mass of population. The more people you have thinking the same way, the stronger the way of thinking feels. The same way, you feel that it is difficult and you need to settle with a lower standard of life. Then again, if everyone would wake up.. what would happen? That is perhaps, the greatest question of all.

Octopus dancing regards,

Joe Hashi

Almighty Octopus

Some of you may wonder, or have in fact wondered why I like octopuses so much. Why do I don’t eat them when they are absolutely delicious. Well, I do eat them when they are fresh and alive. Just kidding! I just have too much respect for them. So much, that the subject of this blog mainly revolves around octopuses. Not just the animal, but what it represents. At least to me.

You see, these amazing creatures have no way of hiding their emotions except the use of ink. Of course, humans have something similar but the octopus has mastered the feature to the extreme. Making it one of the most beautiful creatures in the world. The skin, will change in form, colour and shape in coloration to the emotions and thoughts it has. Thus observing it’s surface, the one that humans have done best to hide from, you can observe them in depth. If it does not want to show you what it’s thinking, it will make a very clear statement with black ink. So you surely won’t see anything, but you will know that it is trying to hide.

It’s pure and simple. All have this necessity. But humans have evolved to hide from the fact that they are hiding. From themselves and their own emotions. It’s a pity. I am here to correct that and will only talk directly!

Octopus Dancer

Internet, Octopuses and Reseller Hosting

Sometimes the internet feels like one big octopus. Except that it has a few more legs than octopuses themselves. They change color, they are electric, they are used to connect with things. Internet is quite a place to play and roam around, almost free.. just like in water. Yes, I am probably listening to some really nice ambient track right now, and that makes my mind go who-oohsh!

Anyway, I was wondering what you guys think about reseller hosting? Because I am thinking of extending my octopus arms, towards greater heights. And for that project, I need a lot of websites. And running multiple, especially with different IP addresses is not that easy. Especially when you are on a budget like I am.

So I heard from this “web host what” guy, (his name is tim, pssht) that reseller hosting would be the cheapest way. That’s why I wanted to ask your opinion about it as well. I’m not doing any blog network or any of that crap, I just want to create a huge empire of websites that give out information that hopefully will have an impact on the world. Those websites, depending on the way you host them, will be or will not be seen as site hosted on the same host. And I want them to be seen as different, not like there is just one octopus behind all the work. Instead, many octopuses!

So just leave a comment or something my friends if you have any experience with this reseller hosting business. I will mail you all to ask you to check out this post and comment on me. This is an important deception for my future. Normally, I host everything pretty much free! So that tells that I am quite serious, doesn’t it.

Until next time my dear readers and don’t forget to comment!

Octopus greetings,


The Love for Drum

The artist you see in the picture is totally bonkers. But we can relate with him. Obviously, he has gone mad for his love for drumming. Perhaps he wants to go back to his womb and hear his mothers heart beat. Yes, we too at takonohashi like to go “back to the womb” at times. But not everyday like this guy.

The Love for Drum

In China, such drumming is all around (well, almost). You can go to a lot of places to listening people drumming.. but something is different. It’s not at all like in Africa or something, there are no hippies either. Such as this drum show in Beijing, that simply had our spirits lifted in a way that we could never believe. Millennium Drum as some call it, is a famous Beijing/Jiangzhou flavoured performance. Yet, not many foreigners go there, as mostly just the Chinese really appreciate the act. Which is just crazy, as it is amazing. Fuck the acrobatics, the opera whatever.. get down to some good old Chinese drumming and you will be REBORN.

The show life is something that we constantly get mixed up with. I don’t want to say anything bad, but there is a lot of crap. And this is far from it. While a ticket to Jiangzhou may cost a lot of time and money, Beijing is an easy bet.

We love the drum because it reminds us of the fact that we are living, here and now. Everything has a beat. But having a couple of dozens of highly skilful performers do it in intense style, is again something else. Which we could talk about all night, however going very close to the experience with words is rather difficult. All that is left is our recommendation to go and see the bloody show.

My dear readers

It’s a psychedelic day, with all the colors of the octopus. Arent’ they gorgeus creatures? Sounds like from some American movie. Oh, gorgeus they are with their ever changing colors that reflect the depts of ones true reflection in life. If only these words were enough.

Despite this confusing fact, a picture can act as a thousand actors. Behold!

Octopus Dancer

Eating Rice With a Bridge in Your Mouth

This is the hashi to the tako. It’s pretty funny actually. You see Japanese people doing the “oh, wow” moment a lot. For sure as much as you see westerners go “oh, aha”. Which is pretty different. Anyway, obviously a lot of Japanese words sound similar or are even pronounced exactly or marginally differently to each other. This is suprisingly not that confusing, when you understand the context of what someone is talking about. Let’s take the word “kami” for instance. It feels that this word just follows you, because every time you bring it up… someone comes up with a new meaning to it. And I can say it has a lot.

But the point is that making a joke about these things is just not interested. It’s just bad humour. Althought it sometimes cracks me up when westerners in Japan don’t realize that.

Anyhoo, I came up with a (bullshit) theory. Because the word hashi, means bridge and chopsticks. The reason why the word is the same, is because chopsticks act as a bridge between your mouth and your rice bowl. Get it?

Well. I feel like a university professor when I mention this to the Japanese. And that my friends is the “ooohhhh” moment. Just because you thought of something that they couldn’t. But of course, to a westerner that’s just some ridiculous shit. Get it?